BLACK'EX Split Series #1

BLACK'EX Split Series #1

100 handnumbered copie
Laser cut sleeve

EXAG Records are pleased to announce the arrival of their BLACK’EX split series.
The concept is to take two artists from two different countries and then press on a 10” vinyl. EXAG is creating connections between artists from around the world, building bridges between countries that otherwise may never exist. In music, anything is possible and the BLACK’EX series amplifies this idea. The release will be on limited edition collector vinyl and live shows will be announced to accompany them.
With this in mind, release #1 brings Dave Cocks from Italy, better known as one half of cold wave duo Throw Down Bones, together with French artist Monolithe Noir who now resides in Belgium.

Side A features ‘Borders’, the first solo effort by Cocks which focuses on his personal journey of fleeing the centre and finding himself in the peripheral places. Cocks makes use of Noise Militia equipment, handmade pieces by Throw Down Bones partner Frankie, in the track and the final result has been mixed by James Aparicio.
Inspired by the fresh air of the Alps and the silence of the Sahara Desert both, Cocks playfully combines primordial beats, looped electronics and noise to create something that falls somewhere between sanity and madness. Hazy vocals courtesy of Nadia Daou (TAU, Azmari) lace through the rhythm amassing a veritable tapestry of rich texture within the sound.

Side B features ‘Labegum’, the result of Antoine Pasqualini’s breaking away from old habits and traditional instruments to experiment with modular synths as well as playing with drone, whilst maintaining the ambience he has come to know and love. The track reverberates with a hypnotic energy whilst exuding a catchy countenance that will appeal to anyone who is interested in techno or trance.

Through the BLACK’EX split series, we aim to push the boundaries, disregard the genre stereotypes and produce vinyls that everyone will come to not only know but love.