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Image of FIRST COMMUNION AFTERPARTY - Earth Heat Sound (2xLP)
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Double LP on classic black vinyl gatefold and download card

First Communion Afterparty was Liam Watkins, Marie DeBris and Joe Werner (from Driftwood Pyre) first band.

" First Communion Afterparty's music belongs to a distinct family: psychedelic rock. It's true: there is no other honest way to describe it. Their sound is built on psychedelic bands you've heard and some you haven't. There is nothing unfamiliar but there's a fresh personality behind it. Each song is an artful balance of dual guitars, bass, keyboard, tambourines, drums, floor tom and vocals from all over.
A sprawling commune of a band, these prophets of new psychedelia combine the percussive shake of a den of rattlesnakes with waves of guitar that warp and shimmer like heat coming off a stretch of desert blacktop. FCAP's loose-limbed bohemian jangle and drugged-out drawl are a seductive invitation to get on the bus and head west.
- The Committee to Keep Music Evil

Picture In My Ear Records (USA, Minneapolis)
released December 21, 2013